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Lazy Places and Tyranny Designs for Stumblebum!

February 13, 2010

Here’s a super awesome peek at what you can expect in a few!

Tyranny Designs’ Saggy V shirt in Smog…exclusively available at and the limited edition Love Necklace in 4 options (Epic, Lover, Nerd, and Fighter)  from Lazy Places, only offered at


Stumblebum anyone? Edition #8…

February 12, 2010

Do not miss out on these awesome exclusive items available for one week only!
The event starts at 12AM SLT Saturday and ends the following Friday morning at 12AM SLT

1. Tyranny Designs ~

2. Djinn & Tonic ~

3. Lamb ~

4. Pig ~

5. Pididdle ~

6. Silent Sparrow ~

7. Impulse ~ Rebuilding their sim!

8. Schadenfreude ~

9. Strumpet ~

10. Lazy Places ~

11. Nomine ~

As a reminder, be sure to join The Stumblebum Brigade’s update group in world to keep posted on future events. See you all tomorrow and be on the look out for some Superficial sneak peeks!


-Superficial Barbee Edition #3-

February 12, 2010

Ugh, I know…I know…where the eff have I been?! Well, this week my neighborhood was hit with, hmmm *ponders on the many ways to describe the horror* how about I just show you?

My car’s underneath there somewhere…oh, and my inner big girl was going crazy as hell, RIP Safeway…

For 6 days, I almost lost my mind and my windshield wipers…but now I’m back (I know, hallelujerrr) and I have another Superficial Valentine Dollie for your loved one…

She was once on everybody’s wish-list,  decades later and after a bitter marketing split, Vintage Edition Cougar Candace is on the prowl this V-day…yet again! The silver fox comes with a freshly dyed do from CriCri; nipped, tucked, and lipo’d skin from Wrigglesworth; Pearls (…that were a gift, damnit!) from Mocha; form-fitting club dress thanks to KHUSH (and Dr. Siegal’s cookie diet); Better than Legal Separation cake by Love Soul….Requires Liquor bottles from Yoneya, cigarettes from Action, and alimony.

-Stumblebum Edition #7-

February 5, 2010

Here are the links for this week’s Stumblebum Brigade event starting at 12am SLT Saturday and lasting ALL WEEK! (until 12 am SLT next Saturday)

1. Tyranny Designs – Out this week =[

2. Sn@tch –

3. Split pea –

4. Haven –

5. rbcg. –

6. Scribble –

7. Tres Blah –

8. Fashionably Dead –

9. Milk Motion –

10. Atomic –

11. Acid & Mala –

Also, be sure to join the In-world group “The Stumblebum Brigade” to stay in the loop on upcoming events…

♥ A.

I’m a Lady…

February 5, 2010

‘Now won’t you run and tell your boyfriend
Tell him don’t hold his breath for me
I’ve got some money I was saving
Got some hearts that I’ll be breaking
Know someday they’ll make a martyr out of me
I know someday they’ll make a martyr out of me

She’s so fine…”

“And I like sometimes to wave it high
Up where everyone can see, I’m a lady
Got my mind made up
Got my mind made up

I know what’s been mad, You really don’t
Try to hold a light to me, I’m a lady
Got my mind made up
Got my mind made up”

Auntie Trish (TRishariA Barcelos) is wearing:

Hair- Exile
Glasses- BBD
Chain- SMS {So Many Styles}
Earrings- Shade Throne
Bangles- Fishy Strawberry
Bag- Kawaii Jelly
Tee- C.A.N.D.Y
Tank- Emery
Shorts- Emery
Socks- Deetalez
Kicks- Hoorenbeek

Your’s Truly is wearing:

Glasses and Chain- RYCA
Hoodie- Reek
Shirt- Tres Blah
Shorts- Emery
Leggings- Atomic
Kicks- 2REAL
Bike- BB Bikes and Motorcycles (Ty again, BoiBoi!)

Superficial thought of the day: I feel like a zombie today, no joke. I’ve been so busy preparing to move to a different country for the next 2-3 years (most importantly, the next best shopping years of my life) that now I can finally relax…and I can’t. Have you ever taken a nap only to feel like poop afterwards? Yeah, what the hell’s up with that?

Superficial Barbee Edition #2

February 1, 2010

This Barbee will cost you…literally! Best to let it collect a little dust before rushing to get this doll for your Valentine, k…

Jailbait Bethany comes with hair from Lamb, skin from Pink Fuel, lashes from Mustache, outfit from rbcg, drunks from Urban Bomb Unit, plushie from Katat0nik, a bedazzled ipod full of bubblegum pop as well as several posters of  Taylor Lautner, Justin Bieber, and the Jonas Brothers…like totally.

Superficial Barbee Edition #1

February 1, 2010

This year for Valentine’s day, you should get your man what he never knew he always wanted.
No, not a pair of heart covered boxers, u silly goose, A SUPERFICIAL BARBEE!

Thee First Official Limited Edition Collector’s Superficial Barbee, Big Booty Judy, comes with hair from Mustache, skin from Lara Skin, Top from SK Designs, Skirt (Part of the Weekend Fever Dress) from Line, and socks from LeLutka….Requires a big ol’ roll of big faced “hunnits”, baby oil for music video shoots, and Stiletto Moody pumps (Not included).

More Superficial Barbees coming soon to a feed near you…