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Umm, I’ve been “That Bish”…

January 31, 2010

“You passed me by, never looked twice.
Now I’m the chick, you wanna be with.
Isn’t it so funny now, I’m the one to shut you down?
Dont worry girls, if he didn’t notice you,
Soon he’ll be begging to,

Cuz now I am that bish…”

Wearing Epoque • LeLutka • Diram • Stiletto Moody

Superficial thought of the day: I miss my BBG!! Have fun at camp, Bella, and be good! Me and the boys will hold down the house while you’re gone, *muah muah* mommy ♥s you!



Welcome to Vegas…

January 30, 2010

“It was the smile, it was the style
That had me gone from the jump
It was your name, it was your sign
That made wanna run
Fly me to Vegas, packing my bag
Don’t know where it’ll take us
But when I come back
I’ll be with you, you’ll be with me
And the rest is history…”

“Welcome to Vegas
Love on the runway
Soon as we land in the airport holding my hand
Welcome to Vegas
Louie duffle bags we exit out the terminal
I’m forever yours…
Welcome to Vegas”

Angellina’s wearing Truth • Mustache • Aoharu • LeLutka • Auma • Poses from Diesel works (Tysvm, hun! My ass fits, ha!) | Jayden’s wearing theAbyss • Den Dou • iDentity • Armidi • Savvy Avvy • FNKY • JCNY

Ugh, I miss my hometown…Seven Oh Deuce! ~Angellina

Stumblebum Shopping with Thee Superficial Swag Lady!

January 30, 2010

Hello lovers <3!! Guess what day it is?! If you don’t know, it’s the start of another glorious Stumblebum weekend. I spent the morning popping through the rest of this week’s Stumblebum stores with Exclusive items out just for you! Ugh, with all the excitement, I even fell asleep in one and woke up with a grip of IMs, which I will continue to get back to, sowwie =/

Without any further ado…


LMFAO!! In my quest to keep my blog work-friendly, I went a tad overboard…OOPS!

Me, snoozing at Nomine waiting for their item…but don’t worry guys, it’s coming soon!

Here’s some morning shopping music…Shopaholic (how fitting, lol)!

“If ya have expensive taste
Never let a new fit go to waste
Even if ya closets got no space
Baby gotta stretch that dollar bill!”

“Can’t put a price on style
Even if ya cash flow’s on the last mile
We ain’t talkin vanity
Ju ju just originality
Stretch that dollar bill!”


Lazy Places, IMPulse, and !lamb. for Stumblebum!

January 30, 2010

Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, more awesome stuff to come at 12 am SLT!!

Ugh, super adorable, can you stand it??

Lazy Places’ Exclusive Jax Boots and Bowie Flats can be found here

IMPulse WiiHoodie (comes in pink and blue) can be found here

Also, two new versions of my favorite !lamb hair, get them here

Be sure to set your alarms for the famous Stumblebum event coming soon!!! Ugh, the suspense is killing meeeehhh, I can’t wait *passes out*


Schadenfreude and Silent Sparrow for Stumblebum!

January 30, 2010

Yeah, buddy, sneak peeks at what Schadenfreude and Silent Sparrow have for Stumblebum starting at 12 am SLT!

Who’s feeling Cirque-ish? Moi, of course!

The Schadenfreude Marron Cirque intimates can be found here at their mainstore, andddd the Owls Chapiteau outfit can be found at Silent sparrow!!

These looks will be up for purchase shortly, so don’t forget to come by and snag them items before they are gone for good!


-Stumblebum Brigade- Edition #6

January 29, 2010

Yayyyyy, we’re back for another edition! This week’s Stumblebum Designers are…

1. pda ~

2. Djinn & Tonic

3. Lamb ~

4. Pig ~

5. Pididdle ~

6. Silent Sparrow ~

7. Impulse ~

8. Schadenfreude ~

9. Strumpet ~

10. Lazy Places ~

11. Nomine ~

As a reminder, the event starts at 12 am SLT on Saturday and ends 12 am SLT on Monday (Sunday night). See you all there and be on the look out for some sneak peeks!


Baby loves to dance in the Dark

January 28, 2010

Inject me, Baby…
I’m a free b-tch,
I’m a free b-tch”

“Run run
Her kiss is a vampire grin
The moon lights her way while she’s howling at him
She looks good
But her boyfriend says she’s a tramp
She’s a tramp, she’s a vamp
But she still does her dance…”

“Baby loves to dance in the dark
Cause when he’s looking
She falls apart
Baby loves to dance,
Loves to dance in the dark”

Wearing W&Y• Pink Fuel (Eyes from Dernier Cri) • Aoharu • Hyper Culture (Simply Flawless! Thank you, Christensia ♥) • SK Designs • AuMa

Superficial thought SURPRISE of the day: OMGAHHHH Superficial Pixels now has a headquarters! The greatest gift everrrr to me from my husband, Jayden, my cousin, Damali, my sister from another mister, ArianDym, and my nephew, Adoniis….Thank you guys so much! I LOVE YA’LL *tears* (I teared up for real too lol) ♥

PS. If anyone knows of a full sim on sale for a decent price, hit me up in world!