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-Superficial Barbee Edition #3-

February 12, 2010

Ugh, I know…I know…where the eff have I been?! Well, this week my neighborhood was hit with, hmmm *ponders on the many ways to describe the horror* how about I just show you?

My car’s underneath there somewhere…oh, and my inner big girl was going crazy as hell, RIP Safeway…

For 6 days, I almost lost my mind and my windshield wipers…but now I’m back (I know, hallelujerrr) and I have another Superficial Valentine Dollie for your loved one…

She was once on everybody’s wish-list,  decades later and after a bitter marketing split, Vintage Edition Cougar Candace is on the prowl this V-day…yet again! The silver fox comes with a freshly dyed do from CriCri; nipped, tucked, and lipo’d skin from Wrigglesworth; Pearls (…that were a gift, damnit!) from Mocha; form-fitting club dress thanks to KHUSH (and Dr. Siegal’s cookie diet); Better than Legal Separation cake by Love Soul….Requires Liquor bottles from Yoneya, cigarettes from Action, and alimony.

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